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Since the start of our journey, we at Joswe have been committed to increasing the availability and affordability of critical medications and treatments. Each year, Joswe develops and introduces new medications, focusing on high-priority pharmaceutical treatments that fill critical needs gaps within the market. Joswe Medical was established in 1996 at time when the Jordanian market, along with others throughout the region, presented a lack of affordable Central Nervous System (CNS) medications. Realizing this major gap in the market, Joswe was encouraged to launch with a select number of medications covering three main high- priority categories of CNS, cardiovascular, and anti-infective medication. In doing so, Joswe became the first pharmaceutical company in Jordan to manufacture quality branded first generic CNS medicines. Over th e years, Joswe has expanded its product-lines to include over 160 pharmaceutical products across 14 therapeutic categories, solidifying its position as a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company within the regional landscape
Fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. Encouraging a culture of teamwork and positive thinking. Facilitating career growth opportunities and development among our peopl
Encouraging ethical behaviour based on Integrity and respect. Taking responsibility for our actions towards the communities in which we operate.
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