Making safe and high quality branded generic medicines affordable


Our commitment to improving people’s health started with our determination to provide and develop safe and high quality branded first generic medicines at affordable prices. This determination starts with JOSWE’s Research and Development which is composed of a diverse team of dedicated scientists and an advanced industrial base. Our R&D adopts a progressive and innovative approach to create new medicinal preparations and enhance the delivery system of medicines.

We developed and registered more than 160 products in different dosage forms and in different countries; Such as delayed and sustained release tablets, effervescent tablets, and fixed dose combination products covering a wide range therapeutic categories. We submitted our 1st patent formulation in 2006, second in 2016 and were the first in Jordan to develop the following:

·         Sustained release delivery system for Ciprofloxacin 100omg with FED technology

·         Effervescent tablets for Rantidine 75 and 150 mg.

·         Effervescent tablets for Paracetamol 500 mg.

·         Effervescent tablets for Iboprofen 200 mg.

·         Novel orally fast self-dispersible formulation, characterized by improved bioavailability, improved solubility, and displaying an improved dissolution profile (The Deferasirox Challenge)